Gas: The Consultants at Phidex come with a wealth of experience in dealing with Energy Companies, an intimate knowledge of industry data and proven tools and practices to optimise delivery.

Electricity: Sometimes we provide fully integrated software solutions. Sometimes we provide interim solutions, lean start up, either deployed as prototype applications or software-as-a-service.

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Phidex is a specialist within the complex energy industry. We work with energy suppliers to improve how they process and understand the data required to deliver effective and efficient services.


Phidex was established by a group of like-minded, seasoned professionals from the energy and IT worlds to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges that confront our clients in the energy sector.

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A key foundation of our approach is knowledge sharing and transfer, so our clients enjoy enduring benefit from our engagement. We share the outcome of our root cause analysis to propose software and process changes to resolve issues promptly and accurately.

If you have any inquiry or you want to know more about how we can help you business contact us.

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