The Consultants at Phidex come with a wealth of experience in dealing with Energy Companies, an intimate knowledge of industry data and proven tools and practices to optimise delivery.

Services offered range from technical and operational consultancy to software specification and design and IT project management. Our people provide the capabilities to quickly identify areas where measurable improvements can be realised, resulting in increased performance and transfer of capabilities to our clients.

• Projects include long and short term engagements with commercial frameworks which suit individual requirements.
• Business and application planning project for Project Nexus.
• Data warehousing and reporting project to visualise granular level profitability.
• Energy & Transportation Reconciliation project including the design of a unified Customer and Network data viewer.
• Project Management of design, testing and deployment of a multi-functional flex billing platform.
• AUGE Data Analysis project for industry body resulting in £60m reduction of proposed chargeable amounts.


Sometimes we provide fully integrated software solutions. Sometimes we provide interim solutions, lean start up, either deployed as prototype applications or software-as-a-service, and subsequently assist in migrating a permanent change to existing core platforms. Sometimes we simply provide know how or critical review and advice. Our approach is always to deliver the most appropriate, practical, cost effective, yet robust and scalable solution to address the particular requirement. Irrespective of the situation, we work to ultimately provide an enduring solution to our Clients.

The following illustrate some typical areas where we are assisting, or have assisted, Clients and provided solutions:

• Power market entry support: We assist Clients in the complex journey to market entry. As always, the level of support is flexed to complement the resources and knowledge of the Client’s team, ranging from critical project review to development of key application software.
• Non Half-Hourly and Half-Hourly Pricing Application: This sophisticated application prices non-half-hourly and half-hourly supply contracts, providing comprehensive price modelling and complete transparency and granularity into the make-up of electricity costs.
• Half-Hourly Billing Engine: Providing a means to calculate all invoice components for fixed and flexible products, easily customised to connect with other internal Client applications e.g. accounting software.