Data management & reporting

For Gas and Power Phidex’s record of success in delivering valuable data related services to its clients comes from its understanding and use of core industry file flows.

We are able to solve the unique challenges our clients face through visibility and insight of the data in which their customer’s accounts are made up.

From the millions of data fields available, we provide an accurate and uncomplicated view of what our clients want to see. Neatly formatted, up to date and accurate; our reporting suite provides information to the business or targeted exceptions upon which actions can be based.

• Transportation & Metering price database We build and maintain a database of all your Transportation and Metering charges. Transportation represents a meaningful proportion of supply costs which can change at any given time and are often invoiced incorrectly by both suppliers and service providers. Providing suppliers with an accurate value for any given period enables service providers’ invoicing errors to be challenged as well as delivering up to date information for internal Pricing teams and for ‘pass-through’ customer billing.

• Consultant Invoicing Tool Provides suppliers with a breakdown of consultant commission from each relevant supply invoice. With Consultants and brokers becoming more prevalent in the market, this service delivers a cost effective way to manage the administration of their individual T’s & C’s.

• Actionable Insights (AI Reports) Incoming data anomalies are the root cause of most billing and settlements errors. Phidex is very experienced in resolving these and has developed a suite of reports which tackle the root cause at source. Run to identify and resolve data errors before they become billing errors improves the quality of service to your customers and reduces the risk and impact of energy imbalance on your portfolio.

• Customer Reporting Phidex work with your team to deliver management information to your customers; including consumption and emissions reporting or performance against forecasted targets.

• Power Charge Processor Imports and processes electronic flows from Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) for payment and validates the charges at a meter point level.

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Reconciliation & settlements management

In a fully de-regulated industry, information from which customer invoicing and network settlements is produced arrives from numerous third parties. From reads to asset information, forecasted quantities and customer churn; variation to the truth could result in incorrect billing and discrepancies between customer charges and incoming network invoices.

The Phidex consultants have had many years of relevant experience in assisting numerous suppliers in reconciling billed amounts with actual consumption quantities. Our skills lie in being able to target individual errors from huge datasets, sharing our knowledge and taking steps to prevent re-occurrence. Our methods deliver prompt recoveries of substantial value. We also provide visibility on a granular level of a supplier’s entire portfolio, highlighting not just errors to be corrected, but also energy imbalance due to incomplete settlements processes and instances of negative imbalance (where the incoming Network charges are less than customer billed amounts) so that relevant accruals can be made.

• We operate in both gas and power and in all sectors of a supplier’s portfolio including DMs, NDM and CSEPs (gas) and Half-hourly and Non Half-hourly (power).
• With AMR roll out there is more data in which reconciliation anomalies can occur and as the reconciliation window reduces it is vital that a supplier has the capabilities and toolkits to correctly manage its settlement position.
• Service offerings.
• Significant recoveries to a supplier through experienced error identification and recovery consultancy.
• Accrual process for negative imbalance, mitigating the unwanted surprise of future Network invoices.
• Software toolkit for granular reporting of imbalance position of entire portfolio, including DMs and CSEP’s.
• Knowledge transfer and root cause analysis to prevent re-occurrence.
• Transportation and Metering charge validation and reconciliation.
• Flexible commercial options.

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Consulting services & business optimisation

Our experiences consistently remind us that no two suppliers are the same, and nor are their challenges.

At Phidex, we are currently assisting our clients on a number of different projects to improve their performance and understanding of their data. We are sufficiently experienced to deliver practical or IT based solutions across the supply chain and flexible enough to encompass a range of commercial models.

Whether you are looking for a quick-fix for a particular problem or an experienced project manager to deliver a product.

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Market entry

As the traditional commodity market evolves into a transparent, data driven, competitive world, the barriers to entry are continually eroding. Those that remain can be overcome with the right tools and the right expertise.

Today, market entry can be achieved quickly and without the need for
large capital investment in systems and large operational organisations,
provided it is planned intelligently. With the right tools and expertise, it
can be delivered faster, cheaper and better than ever before. Phidex have
the experience, know-how and solutions to guide clients to their market
entry objectives – and do so within a realistic budget and short timeline.

Tomorrow, these dynamic, agile new entrants will be the businesses who
can adapt best to a quickly evolving energy market.


Revenue recovery

It is our belief that better results can be achieved through a professional, consultative approach underpinned by a real understanding of the unique character of energy billing.

Our experience shows that our approach achieves far superior results – as evidenced by our leading performance in both live and final collections DCA league tables.

Our services encompass the full range of business collections in energy supply – live including isolation process, final, trace, query resolution, field visits, complaints handling, and legal services through to litigation.

Each Client has a bespoke suite of services designed to specifically address their particular requirements and priorities. This is fully documented at the outset of any engagement and monitored regularly through reporting and review meetings.

Our knowledge and experience includes resolution of complex and group accounts, where our in depth industry expertise is critical.

We have a great deal of experience in negotiation and mediation with large & group accounts and energy consultants.

From the outset our philosophy has been to employ the best people, deploy the best systems and to approach each debtor account
professionally and thoroughly.

We do not approach our portfolios as a ‘cherry picking’ process, taking any easy collections and handing the remainder back to the client.

Our objective is to maximise collections and close down all assigned accounts – what we term an ‘ownership’ approach. Our philosophy can be summarised:

• Specialist vs. generalist
• High quality vs. high volume
• Smart vs. big
• Client value vs. lowest price
• Integrity & reputation vs. growth at any cost
• Trusted partner vs. supplier
• Full ownership vs. cherry picking
• Thrive on competitive exposure vs. content to rely on contract

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Application development

Phidex Consulting have supported several organisations to enter new markets in a changing regulatory environment using our agile

We deploy our own software, either off the shelf or customised, alongside your own and other commercial applications and provide the integration tools.

Operating as on-premise, hosted or cloud solutions these applications can be delivered in just the way you need.

Designed to provide fast start-up times but with significant growth potential they are cost-effective, robust and accurate.

From micro components, to interim solutions to complete solutions – we welcome the chance to discuss your objectives with us.


Regulation & change management

Phidex Consulting have supported our clients navigate a changing regulatory environment with our agile and economical software solutions and tailored consultancy services.

Our bespoke software solutions are developed to address specific regulatory requirements and can be either deployed as fully integrated software, rapid response prototype applications or Software-as-a-Service.

• Nexus Project Nexus is approved for implementation on 1st June 2017, where Xoserve have enhanced their IT systems and settlements processes.  Gas shippers require an upgrade to their IT systems to interface with Xoserve’s new data files, are responsible for submitting accurate meter readings and asset details and should expect an increased volume of data to manage due to the added granularity sites are now settled at.  Phidex have participated in industry forums and workshops and are qualified to assist our clients in navigating the transition into Nexus and take advantage of the many opportunities it represents.

  • Settlements management software & data viewer
  • Data quality gates to identify data errors at source
  • Consultancy services to enhance internal capabilities and processes
  • Savings and income from portfolio optimisation
  • Generate revenue from accurate reconciliation of legacy settlements periods

• P272 The Ofgem regulatory modification P272 requires all advanced Non Half-Hourly Profile Class 05-08 electricity meters to be migrated to the Half Hourly market by 1st April 2017. We provide a range of practical, cost effective yet robust and scalable bespoke software solutions, addressing the challenges for Suppliers in pricing and billing their half-hourly customers.