About Us

Phidex is a specialist within the complex energy industry. We work with energy suppliers to improve how they process and understand the data required to deliver effective and efficient services.

Our History

Since 2011 Phidex has been helping energy suppliers improve their performance through access and better understanding of their data.

Our Experience

We have been working in energy for 20 years. In that time we have grown into a recognised and respected resource, consistently delivering proven results in a changing and competitive market.

Our Aim

We aim to understand our clients’ individual requirements and provide supported software solutions and consultancy to strengthen their business.

Our History

Phidex was established in 2008, focusing initially on intelligence-led collections services. We were quickly recognised as best in class for both recoveries and separating phantom debt from actual collectable amounts.

In 2011, our consulting division was created with the introduction of data analytics experts, highly experienced in changing how the energy industry approached settlements management and imbalance recoveries. We quickly established standout results for our clients and a reputation for rapidly delivering highly cost-effective, flexible and focused solutions to address their specific needs.

Phidex was integral to the successful market entry and early portfolio growth of a prominent UK power supplier, providing consultancy, project management and bespoke software solutions. In a market where new entrants are encouraged, Phidex provides the framework to ensure this journey is clearly mapped to successful launch by providing valuable software tools, knowledge and project management.

Phidex was invited by an industry trade body to analyse the complex supporting data for a gas regulatory change with a £100+ million impact on suppliers. Our expertise and experience in identifying hidden errors in huge datasets were confirmed when we identified anomalies in the industry appointed expert’s calculation with an overall impact of some £60 million. Our work has been recognised as instrumental to the methodology adopted for future calculations.

Phidex Pricing and Flow Manager solutions are the foundation for our clients successful business.  With comfort in the knowledge that all data components are accurate and accessible through working with Phidex, there comes confidence in the viability of their operating model.

Our Experience

Phidex is a specialist within the complex energy industry. We have worked with numerous energy suppliers to improve how they process and understand the data required to deliver ­effective and efficient services.

Energy supply companies often operate in a very demanding environment due to high regulation and being at the centre of public awareness.

The processing of huge volumes of highly complex data, the involvement of numerous independent parties using multiple systems and processes, and famously small margins are just some of the challenges that the industry faces. Many of these factors are entirely outside of their control. Yet, there is an expectation to deliver accurate and timely services,

including customer billing, and run a profitable business.

Phidex has guided its clients through these changing and testing times with the use of our software and consultancy services to access and utilise their own data to improve company performance and personal capabilities.

Our Aim

Phidex was established by a group of like-minded, seasoned professionals from the energy and IT worlds to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to the unique challenges that confront our clients in the energy sector.

We achieve this through consultancy and software solutions. Our approach is founded on a tailored, flexible and highly responsive delivery – this means we are very cost-effective. We believe our clients will employ our services again if they trust us and experience positive results from our assignments.

A key foundation of our approach is knowledge sharing and transfer, so our clients enjoy enduring benefit from our engagement. We share the

outcome of our root cause analysis to propose software and process changes to resolve issues promptly and accurately.

Our organisation consists of highly skilled and qualified professionals who enjoy what we do and bring our enthusiasm to every assignment.

About Us

Richard Carnall, Operations Director

Richard has been working with energy companies since 1998, pioneering the way energy settlements is managed and has help clients recover tens of millions of pounds of charge errors.  Richard is responsible for client operations and implementing new techniques to extract value from client data.

Carl Bate, Technical Director

Carl is a Law and Finance graduate with a specialist knowledge of the electricity pricing and settlements market.  Carl has been integral in the development of our IT solutions, providing a transparent and intuitive approach to handling complex data flows.

Steve Chalker, Finance Director

Steve qualified as an accountant in 1999 and since then has worked in a number of sectors including transport, telecoms and business services as well as utilities in a variety of senior financial roles.  His skills bring the necessary financial rigour to the business and he also covers off HR, legal, company secretarial and general IT matters.

Rob Parsons, Director

Rob’s career spans both IT and Energy where he has previously led an energy analytics consultancy to become a listed organisation.  In Phidex, Rob focuses on business development and working with new entrants.

Lisa Gregory, Director

Lisa is a utilities professional specialising in corporate recovery since 2003.  Lisa has worked on numerous high profile energy receiverships, concluding financial matters of insolvent energy companies, including billing and recovering sums owed from both consumers and the industry.