Non-commodity control

As a provider of services to Energy Suppliers, our initial conversations surround Energy, whether that be Gas or Electricity, and how we can pass on our know-how by working closely with their own teams.

However, more and more we find that once we get those core business functions working efficiently, discussions turn to how we can help improve the non-commodity element of their business.

Transportation, Asset Portfolio and Read Service charges cover a significant proportion of an energy bill and profitability for an energy supply contract requires getting it right.

Challenges come from being able to source, process and clearly report on numerous service providers whose charges arrive through various means and in many non-standard forms.  In addition to achieving an accurate starting point for these data items, each aspect of the Non-Commodity charge items are fluid and could therefore change at any time!

Like most other aspects of the Energy supply business, Non-Commodity charges frequently contain errors which represent a significant risk to suppliers being overcharged.

Phidex take on the responsibility of processing and validating incoming Agent and Network charges through our Phidex – Data Analytics service.  Our specialist consultants cleanse the incoming data to deliver an end-to-end identification and recovery process, prevent future mis-charges and provide internal reports to ensure all costs are correctly priced and/or passed though.

Our clients are keen to take-on this service as many of the errors are related to internal process gaps, meaning overcharges are not recoverable.  The quicker the issue is identified and rectified, the quicker the benefits can be realised.

Speak to the team about how we can unlock all your hidden non-commodity costs.