Announcing improved Settlements Performance during lockdown, against all odds

2020 has been a year like no other; I think we can all agree on that!

For our Energy Supplier clients, every effort to forecast and profile usage across every market sector has seen unprecedented challenges, with Settlements performance and accurate Billing being particularly affected.

Businesses closed their doors, professionals stayed at home and the Network support services, including Meter Read Agents, were restricted to urgent call-outs only.

Phidex operate collaborative and flexible service agreements with our Clients and welcome opportunities to re-focus our priorities to meet the challenges of the day.

In this period, additional resource was applied to measuring daily usage recorded through AMR data, tracking declining consumption trends into lockdown and back to recovery.  Our data enabled us to model consumption on similar sites without daily AMR services to ensure customer billing accurately reflected their unexpected usage and avoid over-estimating consumption during an already critical financial situation for many businesses.

Settlements performance was key; irrespective of Imbalance position, because that could quickly change and we were required to act faster, utilising emergency Mods approved by Ofgem to assist during this crisis.

Phidex typically expect that with effective strategic settlements management, our clients’ settlements gap will move consistently in a favourable direction and COVID-19 lockdown threatened that.  However, it is with enormous pride and satisfaction that Phidex can say none of our client’s settlements positions were reversed and the collaborative initiatives undertaken during this time of uncertainty have shown such value that they will continue to be delivered long after lockdown has eased and the new-normal commences.

Let Phidex show you how effective read management can be the foundation of improved Settlements activity and Customer Billing.

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