The foundation of Phidex software services is being industry experts
first, utilising the highest calibre of software developers.

This ensures our clients have access to all data at its most granular level,
to enable meaningful analysis, focusing on precision and accuracy.
We don’t lose any detail.

So how can we help you?

Flow Manager


Data Analytics


Pricing Engine


Billing Engine


Phidex – Flow Manager; Powering your data

Your connection to all industry flows and internal data.

P-FM is the foundation for all Phidex’s data processing functions; cataloguing and making available all industry data flows for registrations, metering, reads and settlements. Additionally, our software developers can create import routines for any further internal data reports, irrespective of its source structure.

The staged approach to managing data files and intuitive user interface provides the confidence that all data presented to it is effectively managed and available for further reporting and analytics.
While our software modules have been designed to work seamlessly together, any of our modules may be purchased separately and integrated with other systems.

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Phidex – Data Analytics

Our Settlements and reporting tool rebuilds your industry and customer data to enable complete and accurate analysis.

Financial reports bringing together granular billing and industry data specific to our clients design and schedule.

Settlements reports enabling visualisation of commodity and non-commodity variances for analysis and reconciliation.

360 degree review of billing, settlements and pricing with our P&L, tolerance and disturbance reporting.

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Phidex – Pricing Engine

Phidex offers bespoke and matrix pricing engines for gas and power.

Complete control and auditability of all price components through a flexible decision making process.

To ensure that prices are as precise as possible, Phidex-Pricing Engine always calculates at a half hourly level for electricity, or daily for gas, regardless of the meter type. This means our pricing calculation mirrors the method suppliers are charged.

All the half hourly data used to calculate prices is stored for future reporting, giving complete transparency and clarity of your financial position with the numbers and decisions behind it. It also enables automated validation of incoming industry charges in our settlements module.

Phidex – Billing Engine

Bill even the most complex products with confidence.

Our billing module has been designed with integration of pricing in mind, to allow fast, automated invoicing.

Phidex-Billing Engine seamlessly integrates with Phidex-Pricing Engine for even the most complex products.

No granularity is lost.

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